Tuesday, May 18, 2021



Our Master Bathroom is finally ready! And I am more than happy to share with you guys all the pictures and products we used, to get this project done!

Since our house is 30 years old and we all know how much $$$ you need to pay these days for any renovations, we decided to update our Master Bathroom by ourselves, without any demo. Maybe one day we will fully renovate this bathroom, but for now on, this is more than enough for us!!!

Ok.. so by using special kind of paints, peel and stick tile, wallpaper etc.. this is what we got!


Ok... and now, how we did it...

First we started with painting the walls. We went from salmon to light grey wall color. 
We got the paint at home depot. It was the light grey eggshell (I don't remember exact name of the paint but Home Depot has a huge collection of paints and I am sure you'll find there the one you love!

Next, we did the countertop. For this one, the same as in our both guests bathrooms we transformed 
our countertop using GIANI GRANITE MARBLE COUNTERTOP KIT This kit includes everything you need to update your old countertop. You seal it with epoxy at the end (it is also included in the kit).

For the backsplash we used the PEEL  AND STICK TILES . They look awesome!
In the restroom area I choose this WALLPAPER, to give the little room some character!

Shower and bathtub area we painted using special TUB TILE PAINT.

Let's talk floor! 
For the flooring I first used a PRIMER (I put 2 coats).
Then I painted the floor a WHITE CHALK PAINT (2 coats)
Then I used the CHARCOAL GRAY PAINT and TILE STENCIL to do the floor pattern 
and in the end we sealed it with a TOP COAT (We put 3 coats). Thanks to that top coat you can clean the floor etc and paint won't peel off!

And here are my decor/accessories  links:

I also bought these fluffy SHEEP WHITE RUGS that are not on the pictures and they are doing a great job in our master bathroom!

Please let me know if you have any questions and enjoy your DIY projects at home!

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  1. This is lovely and inspiring! I seenits been almost a year of living in it. How's it holding up? Is there anything you would've done differently?


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