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First of all, please don't judge me for the mess on the "before" picture haha. We were already working on our laundry room and this bathroom was a storage :) 

This project took as few weeks because we were mostly working in the evenings, when my husband was back home from work. It was SO WORTH IT THO! 

This is the only bathroom we have downstairs, and we really wanted to make it pretty, since all of our guests use it when they come to visit. We didn't want to spend tons of money, mostly give it a fresh, clean  look. And this is how we ended up going from THIS...

to THIS!

Ok, and this is how we did it..

1. We painted the walls using  LIGHT GREY PAINT (for the other pait type I recommend using PRIMER
2. Since we hardly use shower in this bathroom, I painted the tile using OIL BASED WHITE PAINT (my     friend used this paint for her master bathroom. They use it every day and the paint doesn't peel off! 
3. On the wall behind the cabinet, we put PEEL AND STICK WALLPAPER  - it is not expensive and            gives the bathroom great look! 
4. The WOODEN MIRROR we hanged is from Target!
5. Wall light was originally from Home Depot, but since I couldn't find it online I found very similar one on Amazon! Here is the LED WALL LIGHT
6. Ok.. now, let's talk about countertop DIY! We did it on our own! It is an epoxy countertop that you can     create by yourself. You basically painting it, then put the epoxy over it that basically creates new                countertop! To do that, we used GIANI GRANITE MARBLE COUNTERTOP KIT ! IT IS AMAZING.     The entire kit comes with everything you ever need to redo your countertop. It is made for the kitchen,     so for us it will last to do the 3 bathrooms in the entire house! I will write a separate blog post about it        soon! 
7. We got new FAUCET  from Amazon!
10. Here is the SHOWER CURTAIN and CURTAIN ROD, PAPER and TOWEL holders. 
11. The wooden look SHELVES are also from amazon and they are super cute!
12. Most of the decorations I got at Tj Max, but I was able to find some similar things online!

For more information and decor inspiration please visit my instagram profile! @polishgirlinus 
If you have any additional questions leave the comment!

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